In ancient times, sculptors of stone would cover up their mistakes by filling them with wax. Similarly, merchants would use wax to cover flaws and cracks in their pottery so that they could sell their merchandise at a higher price.

Sine Cera - Without Wax - became a phrase used to describe the Genuity of work done and was considered a quality trademark.

Ceravoid, is a play on words of sine cera and shows our commitment to genuine, high quality work. It is not only our company name, but the high standard we hold ourselves accountable to on a daily basis.

Additionally, as a commercial intelligence firm, we enable our clients to ascertain whether potential business partners, prospective employees and other parties of interest have “worked with wax”. What flaws did they try and hide? What information was withheld?

To ensure the successful completion, all projects are based on the following principles:


All enquiries are founded on a rational working hypothesis to provide the client with impartial intelligence.


An adequate spectrum and depth of intelligence is determined to satisfy the scope at hand.


Leads are followed to their logical conclusion to ensure all key findings are corroborated.


A variety of vetted sources is used to ensure accurate intelligence is provided to the client.


All intelligence gathering is completed in a timely manner.

Directors' Profiles

Ceravoid was co-founded by Eva Nolle and Carl Hancocks after recognising a need for a commercial intelligence firm specialising in HUMINT

Eva Nolle

is the Director of Operations for Ceravoid. With a European background but having lived and worked on the African continent for several years...

Carl Hancocks

is the Director of Intelligence and has been involved in security, law enforcement and intelligence operations over the past 30 years...